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Are you confident that this phone works in full order on my network?

We can offer no guarantee of the quality of service offered by any particular phone or network. Network performance for all phone networks will vary from place to place and with respect to uncontrollable factors such as the weather. If you have already used a particular network in your area this should give you some idea of the level of performance you could expect.
However, individual phones may also affect the signal quality you receive, although for most modern phones this should not be so much of an issue. If a phone is being offered for sale under a particular network there is no reason to assume that this combination of phone and network will provide unusable signal performance. However, geographical factors may also have a bearing, particularly if you live in a very remote area.
You should be able to use any phone on any network with little hassle, although phones and networks do vary in quality. As all of the factors involved are so variable Best Mobile Contracts is unable to offer any advice on which particular phone or network to opt for.  If you do purchase a phone or a contract with a particular network and it provides inadequate signal quality then you should be able to return the handset to your retailer for a refund.