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Can I purchase a deal on the same network and keep my current number?

You will not be able to purchase a new deal on your current network through the retailers displayed on this website if you wish to retain your current phone number. The only way you will be able to keep hold of your existing phone number while changing contract terms on the same network is to negotiate a deal directly with your network. This is classed as a contract upgrade and so does not fall under the terms of mobile number porting – which is used to facilitate the transfer of mobile phone numbers between networks only, and not within the same network. While you may be able to negotiate a new or better deal with your network provider they will not offer any of the additional benefits of our featured online retailers, such as free gifts or cashback.
If you are really very keen on one of these offers and are adamant that you want to stay on the same network then there is one other method that may allow you to keep hold of your existing number, although it is somewhat convoluted and may cost you a little bit more.
To do this you should acquire a pay as you go (PAYG) handset on an alternative network and then transfer your existing number over to this phone. Order the new phone contract from the retailer you have chosen and then follow their rules on number porting to transfer your old phone number over from the temporary PAYG handset. Be sure to check the retailers rules on number porting first however, as retailers may differ on when they allow you to do this (such as during the order process or after your order has been completed).
For more information on number porting read Mobile Number Porting.