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Help & advice about purchasing a mobile phone contract

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions and answers surrounding the purchase of a mobile phone contract. Some questions are aimed at purchasing a mobile phone contract in general, other questions are aimed at the process of purchasing through Best Mobile Contract´s partner retailers.

It is important to remember that Best Mobile Contracts do not sell mobile phone contracts; we display information regarding mobile phone contracts that are sold by carefully selected third party retailers. As a result when you purchase a mobile phone contract, you are purchasing through a third party retailer and not through Best Mobile Contracts.

We will do our best to help you throughout the purchasing process and if you have any questions at all please let us know and we will try our best to answer them, even if it is a query about a retailer that is featured on our site.

Below are questions (and answers) that have already been asked by previous visitors. If you can´t find what you are looking for, please feel free to ask us a question and we will try our best to answer it.

Can I transfer my existing pay as you go mobile number? Am I able to buy a phone that works abroad? What is the best contract for roaming charges? How do I know who offers the best coverage in my area? I would like a contract but have been in the UK for less than 3 years. Am I eligible? I wish to take out a contract but pay monthly via Direct Debit by my bank - is this possible? What does '200 peak minutes' mean? Is this is a real site? And are these real deals from these networks? Because they seem too good to be true... If I took out a contract how soon could I receive both the phone and the laptop? How do I find what the full terms of the deals are? I don't have a debit or credit card to do your credit check. Is there any other way to do this? I want to get a SIM only deal. I would also like to use Blackberry allowance with it. Is this possible? My current contract with Orange is due to end soon. Would I have to first cancel with Orange, or just go through you? Can I order this phone and have the contract start at a later date? Is it a good idea to buy a refurbished phone? My phone has not been delivered on time Is it possible for me to buy a phone now and transfer my old number later? I am having problems signing up for a contract because I have a BFPO address Am I able to get these deals with my upgrade When will I start paying the contract? Does the redemption deal extend beyond the original contract length? Returning Unwanted Phones I have an existing PAYG phone but I would like to use a contract with it. My contract is about to expire and I want a new one. Do I have to get a PAC code or can you get this? Am I able to use your offers, but retain my current mobile number? Mobile Number Porting (MNP) Would you be able to negotiate an upgrade for me? Is the direct debit taken straight away or at the end of the first month? Can I purchase a deal on the same network and keep my current number? Will I get the same service I would get directly from the network? Are Orange iPhone deals available with special tariffs such as Racoon and Dolphin? I'm having problems with my phone and my network says I should contact you as it is a handset problem. Is it possible to purchase a phone now and transfer the number at a later date? My old contract does not run out yet. If I order a new contract when will I start paying? My network has told me that I can't use a PAC code to transfer my number to one of your phone deals My computer froze and I am not sure whether you received my order or not. I wish to make further enquiries about a particular deal What is Cashback by redemption? Am I able to transfer my number from an old phone on the same network? I want to buy an iPhone. Will my network still give me a PAC number if my contract hasn't ended with them?