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My Vodafone contract is about to expire and I would like to order a new one. Do I have to get a PAC code or can you get this?

As the phone you are looking at purchasing is on Vodafone and your existing contract is also on Vodafone the use of a PAC code is not necessary. Network operators will not issue a PAC code for people staying within the same network as PAC codes were introduced to simplify the transfer of phone numbers between networks. If you were intending to purchase the new contract and retain your existing phone number this may unfortunately not be possible. Either you must purchase the new contract with a new phone number or attempt to negotiate a similar deal directly with Vodafone as they will be unwilling to transfer your number on the same network through a third party retailer.
The only alternative is to transfer the phone number through a temporary pay as you go (PAYG) phone on a different network. To do this you will need to request two PAC codes, one to transfer your number to the PAYG phone and another to transfer it to your new Vodafone contract. Best Mobile Contracts is unable to obtain a PAC code for you as this must be requested by the owner of the SIM-card.
For more information please read Mobile Number Porting.