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HomeBuyers Guide › Would you be able to negotiate an upgrade for me?

My contract is due for an upgrade. I want a certain phone but can't find it on my network's website. Would you be able to do something for me?

All phone upgrades must be negotiated directly with your network and cannot be done through third party retailers or comparison websites like Best Mobile Contracts. While we may be able to show you a list of the best deals available for your desired phone these will not be available to you as part of any upgrade agreement with your network.
You could cancel your existing contract and forgo the upgrade and then purchase one of the deals for your desired phone from this website. The only issue with taking this course of action is that if you remain on the same network you will not be able to keep your current phone number. Purchasing a phone deal with a new network will allow you to retain your phone number however, or the only other alternative is to wait and see if your desired phone becomes available directly from your network as part of an upgrade.