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Best O2 Pay As You Go Phones

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Why choose O2 PAYG?

With a Pay As You Go phone you´re not tied into a long term contract that requires regular monthly payments. Simply top up your phone with as much or as little credit as you like and only pay for what you use.

Reasons to Choose O2 Pay As You Go:

  • O2 offer a range of different tariffs to suit different needs
  • Bolt Ons are available to customise tariffs
  • Get access to O2 Rewards and Priority Tickets

O2 Pay As You Go Information

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  • Tariff Information

    O2 refer to their of Pay As You Go tariffs as ‘Pay & Go’ tariffs. There are a wide range of different tariffs available, each of which offers an additional benefit to suit different customers. These benefits are generally applied to customers’ accounts the month after a certain amount has been credited. The full range of current Pay & Go tariffs are:

    Pay and Go Go Go – This tariff provides additional benefits the longer a customer uses it for. Customers can buy bundles of minutes, texts and data for a fixed price, and every three months extra benefits like increased allowances or cash back on top ups are granted. This tariff is also available for microSIMs.

    O2 Unlimited – This tariff offers free O2 to O2 texts or free O2 to O2 texts and calls when topped up with given amounts.

    Text and Web – This tariff offers an allowance of mobile data and unlimited Wi-Fi when topped up. In addition, customers receive free texts with higher top-ups. A microSIM version of this tariff is also available.

    Text and Web for BlackBerry – This tariff is similar to the Text and Web tariff, but also includes BlackBerry email.

    International SIM – O2’s International SIM tariff offers special discounted rates to numbers outside the UK and discounted texts to international numbers. Customers on this tariff receive unlimited O2 to O2 texts within the UK or unlimited O2 to O2 calls within the UK with some top-ups.

    Simplicity Pay & Go – This tariff is slightly different to other Pay & Go tariffs from O2. Instead of topping up a certain amount to receive benefits, customers select a plan with inclusive minutes and texts and the cost for that service is deducted from their credit on a monthly basis.

    O2 Pay & Go contracts can also be customised with a range of Bolt Ons. These offer various additional services to PAYG customers in exchange for a monthly fee, deducted from customers’ credit. The range of Bolt Ons includes additional monthly minutes and texts, inclusive mobile data allowances, and BlackBerry internet services.

  • Transfer Procedure
    • Select and purchase your new tariff and phone.
    • You will be issued with a new number by O2.
    • Contact your previous network provider and request a Porting Authorisation Code (or ‘PAC’).
    • Contact O2 and provide them with your details and PAC.
    • Transfer should take a few working days

    See network contact details.

  • Data Allowance

    O2 PAYG customers have a number of options for accessing the internet through O2’s mobile network:

    • Select either a ‘Text & Web’ or ‘Text and Web BlackBerry’ tariff, both of which include a mobile data allowance and Wi-Fi access for customers who top up over a given amount each month.
    • Add internet access to any PAYG tariff with a Web Bolt On.
    • Browse the internet on a ‘pay as you browse’ basis. Customers are charged for the data they use, up to a capped charge each day. A daily data limit applies.