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Microsoft Paying iPhone Game Developers to Make Ports for WP7

June 17th, 2010 by Liam

windows-phone-7To gain ground in the app wars and wedge itself in between Apple devices and Android mobile phones, Microsoft has made the ultimate play for developers’ attention. The Windows Phone 7 developer has resorted to offering cash to selected iPhone developers if they would make a Phone WP7 port of their popular app games.

That is to be expected, considering the fact that Microsoft has a lot of gaming experience. Instead of trying to play the game in, say, the Google Android’s emulator home turf, the guys over at Microsoft decided to try and establish their phones as a gaming device. Thinking about it, this is quite a smart move considering their Xbox Live integration.

If this venture is successful, their existing Xbox 360 customer base may just decide to switch to Windows Phone 7 mobile phones, leaving their iPhone 4s in the dust. That is, if the game developers are willing to commit the extra effort in porting their precious games to the WP7.

Gaming experience wise, this sounds good on paper. The low number of ports, poor ports and a low initial market base may just ruin Microsoft’s fun for a while, until they gain proper ground. Although the company has been trying to lure developers with their transparent policies and freebies, their biggest hurdle in this venture is definitely the nature of the development process.

Microsoft’s software environment is significantly different as compared to Apple’s, making the effort just a tad bit too much for developers who are already making enough money on their iPhone games.

However, if there is anyone who can pull this off, it is Microsoft. They certainly have the goods to entice developers with, surely they can take it up a notch just to make sure their starting lineup is a solid as the gaming experience they are hoping to offer.


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