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Nice Pear Productions Releases Affordable NotPad 2 Tablet

April 1st, 2011 by Best Mobile Contracts

NotPad 2 CompetitonNice pear

The tablet market has become awash with imitation devices since the launch of the original iPad last year and now with an ever increasing range of Android competitors it has become harder than ever to pick out a new tablet. With even lower end tablets costing several hundred pounds it has become difficult for the more cash strapped amongst us to join in with the tablet craze. That could all change with the launch of the new NotPad 2 from Nice Pear Productions, which believe it or not can be picked up for less than ten pounds.

At £9.99 the NotPad 2 is easily the cheapest tablet on the market and despite its low price comes with a great range of features to enjoy. According to chief designer Shed Simove, the NotPad 2 is ‘perfect for messages, creating pictures and storing work.’ Its unique line-ruled interface makes it ideal for all forms of word processing and due to its novel design the tablet can automatically be rotated between horizontal and vertical orientations. It even manages to achieve this UI auto-rotate without an accelerometer, which has no doubt helped to bring down the cost of production for the NotPad 2.

As well as being such an affordable device the NotPad 2 is guaranteed to never crash or run out of battery power like competing devices. While featuring a similar sized 9.7″ display to the rival iPad, the NotPad 2 tablet comes at a much lighter weight. This serves to make the NotPad 2 the most portable tablet device currently on the market and, as it is constructed out of a unique shock absorbent paper-cardboard alloy, the NotPad 2 can withstand a high degree of knocks and can even be dropped from a great height with minimal damage.

Nice Pear CEO Hans Jobs said regarding the NotPad 2, ‘Its 9.7” paper display features three page styles: vertical lined, horizontal lined and blank. This means the NotPad 2 can be used in all orientations and is compatible with most hardware, including pens, pencils and crayons.’


You might well be asking what the changes are over the original NotPad 2. Well, the NotPad 2 has a “2” in the name!

Full specifications and promo video are available below. To celebrate the launch of the tablet Best Mobile Contracts has 5 NotPad 2’s to give away. All you have to do to get your hands on this latest technological innovation is give us a thumbs up on Facebook or retweet to your Twitter account.  Five lucky winners will be picked at random.

To get your hands on the NotPad 2 straight away, head over to Shed’s website.

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* competition is limited to UK residents


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