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Best Mobile Contracts’ Best Selling Mobile Phones – February 3rd 2012

February 3rd, 2012 by Liam

Best Mobile Contracts is pleased to announce our very first Best Selling Mobile Phones Top 10 chart!

Every Friday we’ll be charting the rise and fall of the most popular, top selling phones and smartphones in the UK. You’ll get weekly updates on what’s hot and what’s not in the mobile world and discover which handsets are trending right now. So with introductions over, let’s move on to the charts!

Handset Movement Position
1st Apple
iPhone 4S
Unchanged Gold Medal
2nd Samsung
Galaxy S II
Up Silver Medal
3rd Apple
iPhone 4
Down Bronze Medal
4th Nokia
Up 4th
5th Apple
iPhone 3G S
Up 5th
6th HTC
Wildfire S
Up 6th
7th Motorola
Up 7th
8th Nokia
Lumia 800
Down 8th
9th Sony Ericsson
Xperia Arc S
Down 9th
10th Samsung
Galaxy Nexus
Up 10th

Propping up the very first Top 10 is the Ice Cream Sandwich toting Samsung Galaxy Nexus! With its big screen and revolutionary UI, the Galaxy Nexus was popular with buyers this week and earned a place in our top ten. Just in front at number 9 is another Android phone and the current Sony Ericsson flagship phone – the Xperia Arc S!

Nokia claim 8th place with their Windows Phone 7 powered smartphone, the Lumia 800. The Lumia 800 drops from its peak as our fourth best seller last week, but continues to sell well.

There’s another Android duo at 7th and 6th this week, with HTC’s budget friendly Wildfire S just sneaking ahead of Motorola’s high-end superphone, the RAZR, but thanks to some very competitive deals, Apple’s aging but still very capable iPhone 3G S beat both to claim 5th position.

A surprising new entry next, with Nokia’s basic feature phone, the Nokia 1800, rocketing up the charts to become our fourth best-selling handset of the week! The 1800’s sudden popularity is thanks in no small part to some amazing free gift offers packaged with the phone by Buy Mobile Phones!

Even with great free gifts deals, though, the Nokia 1800 couldn’t quite achieve a podium place this week, the first of which goes to Apple’s ever popular iPhone 4! A year and a half after its release, the iPhone 4 continues to wow customers and is our bronze medal phone of the week.

Second place goes to Samsung’s Galaxy S II, which rose from third best-selling handset last week to steal the silver medal from the iPhone 4. With its 1.2 GHz dual core processor and amazing Super AMOLED Plus display, the Samsung Galaxy S II is a real powerhouse and one of the nation’s most popular phones.

But even the Galaxy S II didn’t have quite enough clout to depose the current reigning champion, the Apple iPhone 4S! Thanks to advanced hardware, stylish design and great features like the unique virtual assistant ‘Siri’, Apple’s latest iPhone remains our best-seller and gold medal phone this week!

Will Apple’s iPhone 4S ever be knocked off the top spot? Can the Nokia 1800 hold on for another week among our top sellers? And will the conspicuously absent BlackBerry brand rally to reclaim a spot in the charts? We’ll see you next week to find out!


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