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Apple Preparing To Launch Production of iPhone 5

March 28th, 2012 by Caroline

The next-generation smartphone from Apple could be about to go into production, leading to expectations of an imminent launch for the iPhone 5.

This is according to a local news item that’s come from Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, which states the Foxconn factory in the local area is seeking to hire a whopping 20,000 employees to work on the new iPhone.

Staff shortages are said to be so severe that the company is now undertaking “emergency recruitment” so that work can begin on building the latest iPhone orders.

Foxconn is apparently set to promote the recruitment drive across the area this week.

So it certainly seems like production of the iPhone 5 in this Taiyuan Foxconn factory is gearing up – after all, there will be millions of the new handset to make in the coming months in order to fill orders so it makes sense to have lots of staff at the ready.

The iPhone 4S went into production at around this time last year, and had a 5-month lead time. If this latest leak is true then it’s likely the iPhone 5 will launch in October also – which is contrary to other rumours regarding possible release dates for the new Apple phone.

Recently we heard word that the new iPhone was expected to show at Apple’s WWDC event in June – on 11 June, to be precise. Back in January of this year, a Foxconn employee revealed that the iPhone 5 was ready for a summer launch, so the WWDC date seemed to fit, and this wasn’t the first time it was mentioned either.

In January, Apple was said to be trying several sample devices to determine which one to run with. All the models shared some features, such as a 4+ inch display, but differed a little in detail. So does this latest news mean Apple has selected the final prototype and the Foxconn factory is getting ready to put it into production?

Of course, we can only really guess at an answer at this stage – but we’d love to hear your views on this Apple-related story nonetheless!


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