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First Genuine Galaxy S3 Photos Leaked?

April 19th, 2012 by Zhuman

There have already been a number of “leaked” images of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that have appeared online in the last few months, but now Gizmodo has got its hands on what appear to be quite genuine shots of the upcoming Android handset.

The images were uncovered by Gizmodo Brasil and while they may potentially be of another Samsung phone, the Galaxy M, they are not at all inconsistent with what we have recently heard about the S3.

Recent reports suggest that the S3 will be a slight redesign of the S2, just as the iPhone 4S was a slight modification of the iPhone 4. Many of the internal components such as the processor and camera will see an upgrade (allegedly to 1.5GHz quad core, and 12 megapixels, respectively), but these photos do bear a stark resemblance to the Galaxy S2 while quite clearly being a new, as yet unnamed, phone.

Interestingly, this phone includes a central home button which Samsung recently insisted would feature on the Galaxy S3 despite it being an Ice Cream Sandwich device.

These new images from Gizmodo are certainly more convincing than earlier leaked images of the S3, which you can see below:

Source Gizmodo


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