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HTC One S – First Impressions and One X Comparisons!

April 13th, 2012 by Best Mobile Contracts

Our review model of the HTC One S arrived yesterday and we’ve been happily getting to grips with its various bells and whistles. We’ve not had time to put together a full review yet, but we think we’re ready to share a few first impressions…

The first thing that demands to be mentioned is the build quality. In the run-up to release, HTC made a big noise about the micro-arc oxidation process used to treat the metal for the body. No, we don’t know what micro-arc oxidation is, either, but this video contains a few clues:

Anyway, we can’t speak for the durability of the finish just yet, but it really looks and feels wonderful. The One S seems impossibly thin, yet the cool metal surface makes it feel dependably solid.

Comparisons with the One X are inevitable and on first impressions, the two each have elements in their favour. In terms of build construction, the previous paragraph of raving probably hints at our favourite. The One X has the edge in displays, though. Very close observation of the One S’ Super AMOLED display reveals some slight pixelation, while we’re still not entirely convinced that the HTC One X’s 4.7” Super LCD 2 even has pixels…

Look out for full reviews of both these great phones soon. In the meantime, here are a few bonus pics!

The freshly de-boxed HTC One S…

The case is really a beautifully constructed object.

Side-by-side with the HTC One X.

You have to look very close to spot the difference, but the One X has the edge…


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