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Samsung Takes Another Swipe At Apple “iSheep”, This Time In Oz

April 27th, 2012 by Caroline

Samsung is beginning to look a little obsessive about Apple now, after launching a “WAKE UP” campaign in Sydney Australia.

Orchestrated through local marketing agency Tongue, Samsung arranged for a load of people wearing black and holding “WAKE UP” signs to stand outside an Apple store and chant.

This time Samsung’s dig at Apple is not quite as subtle as in the first teaser video for the upcoming Galaxy S3 handset. In the video, reference was made to “iSheep”, inferring that iPhone users are sheep-like. It seems Samsung wants “iSheep” to wake up now!

The company has also unveiled a new site, Wake Up Australia, with a countdown clock to the 6th May – thought to possibly be the date the new Galaxy flagship smartphone arrives in Oz.

Apple’s next-generation iPhone is set to go head-to-head with the Galaxy S3, in a similar fashion to the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S2 devices. Rumours have been flying lately regarding both these upcoming premium smartphones, with much speculation about size, power and amazing features.

Yesterday Samsung confirmed that the next Galaxy will boast the Exynos 4 Quad chip, with twice the speed and 20% greater power efficiency of the current processor onboard the S2 and Galaxy Note.

Today the Guardian has reported that Samsung sold more smartphones in Q1 than Apple – shifting 44.5million compared to 35.1million. But will Samsung’s Galaxy S3 triumph over the iPhone 5?

Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy in London on 3rd May, and Apple is thought to be preparing to introduce the iPhone 5 on 11th June.

What are your thoughts on this latest dig by Samsung at Apple? Take a look at the video below and let us know your views on the matter.

[Source: mUmBRELLA Via: GSMArena]


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