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Facebook For iPhone & iPad Gets New Save For Later Feature

August 1st, 2012 by Caroline

If you’re addicted to checking Facebook from your iPhone and iPad then you’re bound to enjoy the new “save for later” feature Facebook has introduced to its official iOS app.

This new feature means you can save any posts you like or are intrigued by, but don’t have the time to stop and read, for later. And these saved posts will be kept neatly in a separate folder within your Favorites section, so you can browse through them and read them at your leisure whenever you want.

All you need to do to save a post is press and hold your finger down on the post and then tap the “Save” popup that appears.

There’s no need to download an update to get this new feature. Instead, you’ll get a notification on your iPhone or iPad when you launch the app, at the top of the news feed, once it’s available.

To set the feature up, scroll through the side bar menu and press on “Edit Favorites”, then on the “+” sign, and select “Saved”. Then hit “Done” when you’re finished.

Now if you return into the side bar, you should spot the Saved folder under the Favorites section.

If you haven’t received a notification on your handset or tablet about this new Facebook feature, you could always go into the side bar and double-check whether it’s available yet or not.

Any posts you save are kept private, so there’s no need to worry about anyone knowing what posts appeal to you most.

Although not yet widely available on iPhones and iPads, this feature is said to be on its way to the UK and landing soon. It’s also expected to appear on the PC version of Facebook too.

Are you excited about this new “save for later” feature?

[Via: iMore]


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