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LG Begins Mass In-cell Screen Production for iPhone 5

August 23rd, 2012 by Simon

LG Display CEO Han Sang-beom has stated that the Korean electronics company had started mass production of its new in-cell touchscreen panels earlier in August. This news comes as further confirmation that iPhone 5 production is in full swing and that Apple’s latest phone may feature this new screen technology.

LG is one of three manufacturers including Japan Display and Sharp that have been chosen by Apple to manufacture screens for the next iPhone. LG’s in-cell technology allows touchscreens to be much slimmer by merging the touch responsive panels with the LCD screen, rather than placing them in a layer above.

Other sources have earlier rumoured that Apple will use LG’s new in-cell panels for the iPhone 5 but this is the first news that the new technology is being manufactured at a large enough scale to meet the huge number of iPhones that Apple will need by mid-September.

Source WSJ


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