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Sharp Has Started Shipping Screens for iPhone 5

August 2nd, 2012 by Simon

Takashi Okuda, President of Sharp, has announced that his company has started shipping screens to Apple to be included in the next iPhone. The comments made by Okuda at Sharp’s press briefing in Tokyo today confirm that Apple is starting the production of the iPhone 5, with rumours earlier this week suggesting that the phone may be ready to go on sale by mid-September.

Sharp is one of three companies producing screens for the iPhone 5, along with LG Display and Japan Display. Previous Apple screens have been manufactured by Samsung (including the new iPad’s Retina display), but Apple has moved to other manufacturers amidst its patent feud with the Korean tech giant.

The new screens manufactured by Sharp, LG and Japan Display will measure 4 inches diagonally and be much slimmer than existing smartphone screens due to the use of new in-cell technology, which merges touch-sensitive panels with the LCD display.

Source: Reuters


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