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iPhone 5 Goes on Sale Today from £26 / month

September 21st, 2012 by Simon

After months of waiting the iPhone 5 is finally available to purchase from 8am today. As usual, there have been many people camping outside Apple stores days in advance hoping to be one of the first to get their hands on the new Apple phone.

Apple iPhone 5 white

The first customer to purchase the iPhone 5 from Apple’s Covent Garden store was Ryan Williams, an IT businessman from Kent. Williams has been camped outside the store for the last few days with his friend Peter King, who have both been trying to raise money for Cancer Research.

Williams isn’t planning to keep his iPhone 5 – it is to be sold off to raise £1000 for Cancer Research. After his purchase, Williams stated:

“It was a crazy thing to queue here for a week but it was really good fun, I would definitely do it again, we’ve raised so much money for Cancer Research UK as well which is absolutely fantastic. I was just trying to utilise the fact that there’s so much publicity around iPhone queuing, so if we could build on that and raise money for charity at the same time, we were doing it for a good cause.”

People queueing for iPhone 5

The 16GB iPhone 5 is available for just £26 per month, or £46 per month with a free handset. The phone is available on all major UK networks, and the UK’s first LTE network, EE, will start offering the iPhone 5 in the very near future.

Customers who wish to purchase the iPhone 5 now and still use EE’s LTE network when it becomes available are able to get an iPhone 5 contract on Orange or T-Mobile now and transfer the contract to EE once it is up and running.

You can read more information about transferring an Orange or T-Mobile contract to EE here.

Other networks are expected to have LTE operational by the end of this year and the start of 2013.


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