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iPhone 5 – The Most Successful iPhone Launch Ever

September 17th, 2012 by Simon

Although it was initially dismissed by some tech journalists as being the first iPhone to lack any innovation early reports indicate that the iPhone 5 will be the biggest selling iPhone of all time, easily surpassing the record sales set by the iPhone 4S last year.

Apple iPhone 5 white

Apple was surely expecting huge demand for the phone but the company already ran out of stock in just one hour when the phone became available to pre-order on Friday. Despite reports of stock shortages and allegations that Apple deliberately restricted supplies, the iPhone 5 has already racked up more sales than the iPhone 4S did during its opening weekend.

Many retailers are now warning of a 2 week delay in deliveries due to the unprecedented demand. AT&T in the United States has stated that the phone has sold faster than any earlier iPhone it has offered, and the huge amount of demand rendered the Apple website unavailable for many people trying to pre-order the phone.

Earlier estimates had suggested that Apple will sell over ten million iPhone 5s during the first week and if demand continues at its current pace it will easily surpass this estimate. The iPhone 5 has also been expected to sell over 250 million units during its full life cycle, which would make it the biggest selling mobile phone of all time over taking the current record holder, the Nokia 1100.


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