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Nokia Lumia 920 will Offer 4G Exclusively on Everything Everywhere

September 10th, 2012 by Simon

LTE will not become fully available until 2013 but Everything Everywhere has been granted permission by Ofcom to transform some of its existing radio spectrum to LTE prior to the official 4G auction later this year. This means that Orange and T-Mobile, or most likely a third brand launched by Everything Everywhere, will be the first UK network to enjoy the faster download speeds provided by LTE.

Everything Everywhere could be offering 4G as early as this month although currently there are not any mobile phones available in the UK with LTE support. One of the first phones to be released in the UK supporting LTE will be the Nokia Lumia 920, and according to the Financial Times Nokia is in talks with Everything Everywhere to make the Lumia 920 available exclusively on Everything Everywhere.

Releasing the first 4G handset in the UK could be a major victory for Nokia which has been struggling for several months to revive its fortunes. The Lumia 920 comes with Windows Phone 8 and a high quality PureView camera and will go on sale by November.


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