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Samsung Galaxy S3 Heading to EE as 4G Exclusive

September 12th, 2012 by Simon

Everything Everywhere has just launched the first 4G network in the UK which will be known as EE, but unfortunately there aren’t many 4G phones that can be used on the new network just yet. While the Galaxy S3 was released with LTE support in the United States and some other markets, this capability was removed for the UK launch earlier in the year as there was no LTE available.

To kick off the new LTE network Everything Everywhere have announced the release of a new 4G Galaxy S3 exclusively on EE. This new 4G version will be exclusive on EE and available in an exclusive colour: Titanium Grey.

It recently became apparent that the S3 would be launched in four new colours, including “Sapphire Black”, “Garnet Red”, “Amber Brown”, and “Titanium Grey”, but now it is clear that the last option will only be available as a 4G version on the new EE network.

In other news, Pocket Lint was able to perform some speed tests on EE’s new LTE network. As they pointed out, this was in ideal conditions and may not reflect download speeds in real world conditions.

But while the speed stated by EE was 21Mbps Pocket Lint discovered that this was the bare minimum speed experienced, and they managed to clock download speeds of up to 34Mbps. This means using a 4G phone like the Galaxy S3 on EE’s LTE network could allow you to download a 34MB file in just one second.

Most 3G connections currently operate at an average speed of 1.5Mbps and result in excessive buffering and poor user experience.

The Galaxy S3 will also be released in black with an increased 64GB storage capacity, although it is unclear what other changes will be offered for the Titanium Grey EE exclusive besides LTE.

Other phones that may become available on the EE 4G network soon include the HTC One XL and the Nokia Lumia 920. We will find out later today whether the iPhone 5 will be joining them.


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