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When Will iOS 6 be Available?

September 13th, 2012 by Simon

Apple launched the iPhone 5 in San Francisco yesterday and with it launched the final version of iOS 6. The new version will be available with the iPhone 5 when it goes on sale on the 21st and will also be available for older iPhones on 19th September (next Wednesday).


Earlier versions of iOS relied on Google for map data but the search giant has been ditched as competition between it and Apple has been heating up in the mobile industry.

Apple iOS 6 Maps

Google had reserved turn by turn directions for its maps app on Android, so ditching Google has allowed Apple to bring some much needed improvements to maps on iOS. Turn by turn navigation is now provided by TomTom, so many people will already be familiar with the voice.

The Maps app has also been improved with traffic information which will be provided by Waze.

The new 3D flyover mode had been seen with the launch of iOS 6 beta back in summer, although now it appears that many major cities across the globe have had a 3D makeover, rather than just a small number of US cities as was originally thought.

Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad


Siri may not be popular with everyone but it has had some much needed improvements, mainly to the scope of what it can understand. It now understands sports and can retrieve scores for your favourite teams, as well as pull back stats and let you know about upcoming games.

Siri has been integrated with Rotten Tomatoes so you can ask it to play movie trailers, look up facts about movies including cast and crew credits, film reviews and also cinema times.

And Siri can also book a table for you at your favourite restaurant using OpenTable. You don’t even need to phone the restaurant yourself.

Use Siri to dictate messages and emails, and Siri can now be used to control your iPhone while driving. You can call people, play music, and get Siri to read messages aloud for you. Combined with the Maps app you can get Siri to find directions for you while you are driving.


As well as allowing you to post status updates from the notification center (and using Siri), Facebook has been integrated with the camera so that photos can be automatically uploaded to Photo Stream so that your friends and family can comment on and like them.

There are many more features to play around with on iOS 6 and you will be able to play around with them in full on September 19th.


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