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Foxconn Walkout Delays iPhone 5 Production Again

October 8th, 2012 by Simon

Workers at a Foxconn factory in China staged a walkout on Friday after a disagreement with employers over working conditions. Foxconn is one of the main manufacturers of many Apple products including the new iPhone. The walkout reportedly took place in the Zhengzhou factory which is one of the principle factories working on the iPhone 5.

Foxconn employees walkout over poor work conditions

Although Foxconn does supply products and components to other major electronics firms, the disagreement between workers and bosses appears to be specifically related to the new iPhone. The anodized aluminium material used for the new iPhone’s chassis is prone to scratches and damage, which some people have referred to as “Scuffgate”.

Because of ease at which the iPhone 5 scratches and dents, Foxconn employees at Zhengzhou had been ordered to take extra care not to scratch the phones while at the same time maintaining a high volume output. The workers who staged the walkout have said that these demands are simply too much.

Nearly 4000 employees were absent over two days. The walkout occurred shortly after a demand from Apple to improve the quality of the new iPhone and prevent scratches. This is the second major disruption to iPhone 5 production at Foxconn in two weeks. The walkout may result in more delays of the new iPhone.


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