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Can I receive the same warranty and phone replacement guarantee as from the Orange store?

Orange customers are entitled to take out an Orange Care policy when purchasing a new phone either from their online or high street stores. This can entitle phone owners to a replacement phone if their handset it lost or stolen. The Orange Care plan is an optional extra offered by Orange and is effectively a mobile phone insurance policy.
Orange Care can only be taken out for phones purchased from an Orange store, either online or on the high street. The only exception to this is phones purchased from third-party retailers that are "Orange Branded". Orange Branded phones will have the Orange logo printed on the handset and come with Orange software pre-installed on the system.
If you are purchasing a non-Orange-Branded phone from a third party retailer it is worth pointing out that these companies will often offer their own insurance policies that may provide similar cover to Orange Care. If you would like to take out Orange Care with an Orange phone purchased from a third party retailer you should first ensure that the phone is Orange Branded. If you are unsure you can ask the retailer directly.