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Why choose EE?

EE was formed as a partnership between Orange and T-Mobile back in 2010, and has since become the largest UK network provider and the first network to offer 4G services within the UK.

Reasons to choose EE:

  • EE was the first network to introduce 4G
  • Currently the largest UK network offering the best coverage
  • Has 2 for 1 cinema tickets like Orange Wednesdays
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     Everything Everywhere, better known as EE, is an internet service provider and currently the largest mobile phone network in the UK with 28 million customers. Formed as a joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile, the EE brand is operated alongside the Orange and T-Mobile brands.

    In 2012 EE was the first mobile phone operator to offer 4G in the UK by utilising some of its existing radio spectrum ahead of the official 4G rollout. It was also the first network provider in the UK to offer the first generation of 4G phones including the 4G equipped iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 (which appeared without 4G capabilities on other networks).

    The faster download speeds provided by 4G means that EE offers phone tariffs with larger data allowances for pay monthly contracts. EE was also the first UK network to offer shared phone plans that allow customers to use a single monthly contract on multiple devices including smartphones and tablets, which can be shared between up to 5 people.

    EE users can benefit from promotional offers enjoyed by Orange and T-Mobile users, with EE having its own version of Orange Wednesdays with 2 for 1 cinema tickets available every Wednesday. You can download films from the EE Film Store via 3G or 4G without consuming any of your monthly data allowance. EE users also gain access to 18 million songs from Deezer Mobile, its streaming music service, as well as free access to many Wi-Fi hotspots from Virgin Media on the London Underground and from BT for other locations.

    EE offer pay monthly contracts, rolling SIM only plans and Pay As You Go tariffs. EE customers with NFC compatible phones can make use of the Cash on Tap app to make quick contactless payments of less than £20 at coffee shops, restaurants and various other places. EE contracts allow you to pick and choose from various Add On services, which can be added or removed at any point every month.

EE Coverage
O2 Coverage

Will I have signal in my area? Use the EE coverage checker to find out how strong you can expect signal to be in your home, workplace or other frequently visited locations.

Network Comparison

Compare the key features of the EE network with other major UK mobile service providers.