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Why choose phone insurance?

We compare mobile phone insurance policies from leading providers in the UK, so if you’re looking for mobile phone insurance you’ve come to the right place! Below you can find some of the cheapest mobile phone insurance deals in the UK. You can also compare mobile insurance policies to find a deal that offers the coverage you need at the right price!

Just find the deal that´s right for you with our handy comparison table below and sign up today. If you´re not sure if you need mobile phone insurance, take a look at our insurance guide below to see if a policy would be worthwhile for you!

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  • Do I need insurance?

    Mobile phone insurance is near-essential for some people, and less important for others. Whether or not you need mobile insurance depends on a number of factors.

    Firstly, what kind of mobile phone do you have? If you have an expensive, top of the range smartphone, then the cost for you to replace your phone if it’s lost, damaged or stolen could be very high, whereas the cost to replace a basic mobile phone could be relatively low.

    Secondly, do you have a Pay As You Go or a pay monthly contract? If you have a pay monthly contract, then there is a chance that you could be responsible for paying a very high bill run up on a stolen phone. You could also have to continue paying monthly contact charges even if you cannot afford to replace your phone, meaning you could effectively be paying a monthly fee for a service you cannot use. If you have a Pay As You Go phone, your liability is naturally limited by the amount of credit on your phone and since you are not tied into a contract, you can replace your phone whenever you like without having to pay wasted monthly charges.

    Finally, you should consider your own personality and lifestyle when deciding whether you need insurance for your mobile. If you’re generally prone to losing or damaging possessions, then you may very well be at higher risk of losing or damaging your mobile. Insurance could help to mitigate this risk by covering the cost of a replacement. Likewise, if you live an especially active or busy lifestyle, or are frequently in situations where your phone could be lost, damaged or stolen, then again insurance could help to mitigate these risks.

  • What is covered?

    What your insurance policy covers and to what value will depend largely on the policy that you choose. A premium, fully inclusive policy can cover many possible eventualities including theft, loss, accidental damage and unauthorised calls. Less expensive policies generally cover fewer possible eventualities, so it’s important to check and be aware of exactly what your policy will cover when you select one.

    More expensive, premium insurance policies also frequently provide cover up to a higher value than cheaper alternatives. For example, a top tier policy might cover the cost to replace items up to £700 or £800, while a cheaper alternative might only cover £100 or £200. If you have an expensive smartphone, a cheaper insurance policy might not cover the full cost of a replacement so it’s important to be aware of your cover limit.