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I have an existing PAYG phone but I would like to use a contract with it.

It is possible to take out a contract on your existing handset by purchasing a SIM-only deal. This will provide you with a SIM card with free minutes and texts for a monthly rate, much like a contract phone. SIM-only deals are provided separately – so you do not need to unnecessarily purchase a new handset to enjoy a new monthly tariff. The added bonus of many SIM-only deals is, not only are they usually much cheaper than contract tariffs (due to the lack of included handset), but they are also offered on a month by month basis with no minimum term. What this means is that rather than being tied down to a particular tariff for 12, 24 or even 36 months you can cancel a SIM-only deal anytime after the first month. This provides you with much more flexibility, cheaper monthly payments and a phone tariff that is more ideally suited to your phone habits.
SIM-only deals on your existing network will work on your current phone no problem, but if you find a better SIM-only deal with an alternative network provider and decide to switch you may need to ensure that your phone is unlocked. If the phone does need unlocking there are many phone retailers and repairers that can do this for a small fee or, as you are not tied into a contract, you can ask your current network provider to unlock the phone for you.