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Galaxy S3 to Feature Human Interaction Eye Tracking

April 18th, 2012 by Simon

Cnet recently received some information regarding the Galaxy S3 from what they claim is a reliable industry source. Some of the details they revealed could prove to be quite interesting if they turn out to be true – although we will have to wait until the phone’s launch on May 3rd to find out for sure. There has already been a great deal of rumours over the last few months from seemingly reliable sources which have turned out to be false.

The Next Galaxy

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the Galaxy S3 probably won’t be called the Galaxy S3. The press invite released by Samsung actually made no mention of the name “Galaxy S3″, simply referring to the device as the “next Galaxy”. Perhaps Samsung has taken inspiration from Apple with its “new iPad”, and is actually intending on naming the phone the “next Galaxy”, but we can at least be sure that it will be called the Samsung Galaxy something.

Cnet’s source reportedly told them “don’t expect it to be called the S3,” as if he was already aware of a different name. Of course, this could just be a misunderstanding on the part of the source as Samsung is reportedly referring to the device under the codename “Bali”.

Samsung has gone to great lengths to maintain secrecy, even disguising the phone in a different casing for network tests, so it is possible that it will indeed be called the Galaxy S3 but that a false name, other than Bali, has been used for people working with the phone while it is in development.

No Major Redesign

The second interesting piece of info revealed by Cnet is that the phone will not be a major departure from the S2 in terms of design. If this is true we can probably expect the “next Galaxy” to closely resemble the Galaxy S2 in its appearance, and this may even mean the phone will not have an increase in screen size as is currently expected.

However, the source also claimed that the S3 would be fairly similar to the HTC One X in terms of its specifications. This would tie in with earlier rumours of a 1.5GHz quad core processor, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and could perhaps confirm a larger 4.7 inch screen. The Cnet source stated that the Galaxy S3 will be to the S2 what the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4.

Human Interaction Eye Tracking

But perhaps the most interesting little titbit of information revealed by Cnet is that the S3 will include an eye tracking feature called “Human Interaction”. This supposedly will use the front camera to determine when your eyes are focussed on the screen with the ability to lock the device when you look away.

Human Interaction is a trademark applying to a set of features that Samsung will include on a range of its products, including TVs and DVD players. Such interactive features are already present on some Samsung TVs in the form of hand gestures, voice commands and facial recognition, although there is no sign of exactly what the eye tracking will entail.

There is a potential that this eye-tracking feature will provide another means to interact with a phone besides a touchscreen, and it could be used for much more than locking the screen when you glance away. Such a system would provide great benefit to people who are unable to use their hands effectively and it could completely transform the world of apps and games.

If Samsung does have greater things in mind than a fancy lock screen then it may have one-upped Sony with its Floating Touch display on the Xperia Sola and Microsoft with its plans to include Kinect on Windows Phone 8. It could also simply be an attempt to out-gimmick Siri. We will have to wait until May 3rd to find out exactly what Human Interaction has to offer on the next Galaxy.

Source: Cnet


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