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Stolen iPhone: How To Catch An iThief

May 24th, 2012 by Caroline

It seems the Photostream feature on Apple’s iPhone is to thank for the recovery of a stolen iPhone.

While onboard a Disney Cruise in April, Katy McCaffrey states that her smartphone was stolen and she was able to track down the culprit after he took snaps of himself on her iPhone – which then automatically synced with her iCloud account.

Ms McCaffrey started to see photos appear in her iCloud space, which included pictures of her alleged iPhone thief onboard the cruise ship, enjoying himself with various activities including admiring sunsets and socialising with friends.

Judging by the snaps, the iPhone thief was a Disney Wonder’s crew member.

In a bid to try and reclaim her phone, Ms McCaffrey then created an album on Facebook called “Stolen iPhone Adventures” with 20 snaps of a man she calls “Nelson” seemingly making the most of her handset.

Photostream is a clever feature that lets you instantly upload all photos taken on your iPhone to your iCloud account and downloads them to all of your Apple devices when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. It would appear that “Nelson” did not realise that Photostream can be switched off in the phone’s settings.

The Facebook album in question was discovered by Disney Cruise Lines who are now investigating the matter.

The Manager of Public Affairs at Disney Cruise Lines, Rebecca Peddie told MailOnline that “Nelson” has been placed on administrative leave and that the iPhone has been found and will be returned to its owner as soon as the ship returns to port.

So it appears Ms McCaffrey is set to be reunited with her stolen iPhone. Let’s just hope the pictures uploaded to her iCloud account have revealed who the real iThief is – as “Nelson” isn’t necessarily guilty, and there could be a reasonable explanation for the snaps. He may, for example, have bought the phone in good faith without knowing its history.

Nevertheless, it would appear that Photostream could prove a great feature should your iPhone ever be stolen – provided, of course, the feature is switched on and the thief takes some snaps using the phone!

[Source: Via: MailOnline]


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