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EE Releases Pricing Details for 4G LTE Phones

October 23rd, 2012 by Simon

4G Phones Available from EE

EE is due to start offering 4G in the UK next week and has just released pricing details for contracts for the small number of LTE phones it will have available when it goes live. At launch, EE will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE, HTC One XL, Huawei Ascend P1 LTE, and the iPhone 5.

If you have any of these LTE enabled phones on a T-Mobile or Orange contract you will be able to transfer them over to a new EE contract. If you have an unlocked LTE phone you can switch to EE in early November when the network will start offering SIM-only plans.

LTE allows for faster data downloads and as such it is expected that consumers will tend to download a great deal more than they would do on 3G. The new 4G contract tariffs reflect this, with data packages starting from as low as 500MB and going all the way up to 8GB.

Customers purchasing a contract with 1GB data or more will be able to get an additional media service included with their contract for free. The options available include streaming TV from up to 20 channels, streaming music from Deezer, or two Gameloft games per month. Customers will be able to switch which free service they have on a month by month basis.

EE is also launching a new Film Store, which will allow customers to download one free film every week until February next year, and will include cinema deals similar to Orange Wednesdays.

Some of the phones that EE are offering, such as the Galaxy S3, were released earlier in the year without LTE support. If you have such a phone, you will be able to trade it for an LTE version with EE for a one-off charge of £100. The contract prices listed above can be obtained on 12 month contracts for an extra £10 per month.


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