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New Phone Planned for Christmas? Why Not Recycle Your Old One?

November 28th, 2012 by Simon

These days you hear about a new phone being launched onto the market nearly every week, and phones are getting a lot smarter compared to ten, even five years ago.

Maybe you have an eye on one for this Christmas? After all we have seen the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Apple iPhone 5 and also the Nokia Lumia 920 launched this year.

The problem we have is that with each new phone another one tends to become redundant, and more than likely it will end up in cupboard to collect dust or if it’s broken then some people will throw them away.

Mobile phone recycling

There is something that we can do though, and that is phone recycling. You may have seen the adverts for Mazuma Mobile over the past few years, and even an Envirofone one popping up every now and again.

Well these companies will pay you an upfront cash price for your old, new or even broken mobile phone, so there is no excuse for throwing them out or hoarding them in drawers.

In recent years we have also seen comparison sites rise to the top of the pile, one site in particular is Sell My Mobile who have been in the spotlight, and have been featured in publications such as the Telegraph, the Guardian and also the BBC.

Comparison sites such as this will bring all the recyclers into one place so you can clearly see what each recycler is offering for the phone you want to get rid of, the benefit to this of course is that you can get the most back for your phone without having to spend time searching and noting down websites and prices.

As for what happens to your phone after the sale, well it really depends on what condition your phone is in to where it ends up. If you phone is in a bad way it is usually sent to smelters who will then take the phone apart and reclaim the precious materials that are held within the phone. If you have sent off a phone in good condition then it will usually be reconditioned and put back into the market in some way, a lot are sent to third world countries and others are put back into the UK market.

So when you come to getting rid of a phone, not only can you fill your own pockets, but you also get to help others at the same time.


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