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Apple Set to Launch iPhone 5S in October, with Possible iPhone 6 Release in 2014

June 26th, 2013 by Simon

Apple’s annual phone launch is just a few months away and as has become the customary trend, the leaked images and whispered features are starting to flow steadily out of the secretive factories based in China where the new device will be manufactured.

If genuine, the new images appear to show a slightly revamped iPhone 5 and confirm the rumours that this year’s launch will be an iPhone 5S rather than an iPhone 6. This is probably not so much a rumour, just a fairly reliable predication based on past trends.

The increased screen size and altered aspect ratio of the iPhone 5, as well as its redesigned dock connector and numerous other updates, caused quite a kerfuffle last year and considering the coherent ecosystem enjoyed across all iOS devices it will be unlikely that Apple will be willing to make such tumultuous waves with every phone release.

Expect the same screen size and overall dimensions, with a faster A7 processor, perhaps some more memory, a better camera, etc. Other than that, there is unlikely to be any major new hardware upgrades. This will be more of a refinement of the current iPhone 5.

On the plus side, for those iPhone fans on the lookout for something more refreshing and revolutionary, there is already talk that Apple is planning an iPhone 6 for 2014, which may offer even more ground-breaking changes and redesigns than even the iPhone 5.

Possible launch date for the iPhone 5 could be some time in mid-October.


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