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Why choose a Sony Ericsson phone?

Sony Ericsson was a joint venture between phone manufacturer Ericsson and leading electronics giant Sony. In 2012, the company was rebranded after a buy-out of Ericsson’s shares. Sony Ericsson branded phones remain on the market and supported by the company, but future releases will be under the Sony brand.

Reasons to choose Sony Ericsson:

  • Long history and excellent reputation in mobile phone industry
  • Ranges of traditional mobiles and cutting-edge smartphones
  • Reputation for great photography, music and gaming features


Sony Ericsson Information

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  • Benefits

    As Sony has long been an innovator when it comes to personal entertainment devices Sony Ericsson phones often benefit from excellent entertainment features, especially for music. Although the concept of a "music phone" is becoming a bit redundant in the era of the do-everything smartphone, Sony Ericsson produce handsets with many features geared towards music lovers.

    Sony is also a big producer and innovator in the world of digital cameras and this is also often reflected in Sony Ericsson phones with many of their handsets incorporating technology from the world of digital photography. And in case anyone has forgotten, they are also one of the biggest companies in the gaming world with the Sony PlayStation.

    Sony Ericsson´s high-end smartphones over the last few years have used Google´s Android operating system. Android is currently the most popular smartphone OS in the world and offers a powerful, customisable platform and a wide range of apps.

  • Photography

    Sony Ericsson was one of the first manufacturers to produce phones with digital cameras included. They also produced the first 5 megapixel, 8 megapixel and 12 megapixel camera phones and have always been pushing the boundaries of photography on mobile phones. Recently they have introduced features like the Exmor R sensor from their range of digital cameras, providing some of the highest quality photographic experiences to be found on phones.

  • Walkman

    Sony Ericsson was also one of the first companies that introduced music playback on mobile phones. Sony pretty much invented the concept of listening to music on the move with the Walkman that transformed the music industry forever back in the late 1970s. In more recent times, Sony Ericsson has developed many fantastic software features to provide an enhanced music listening experience, including such features as TrackID. These features are to be found on most Sony Ericsson phones, including phones that are not specifically marketed as music phones.

    Sony Ericsson phones also often come with additional tweaks that may not appear to be much but can make a big difference to audiophiles. Such tweaks can include things like the ability to load the music player automatically when inserting headphones and direct links to related YouTube videos from a phone´s media player. Sony Ericsson just think a little bit further when it comes to music lovers making their phones much more enjoyable for listening to music on.

  • LiveView

    Sony Ericsson has also produced LiveView, a small touchscreen device that allows you to control your phone´s music and media without taking it out of your pocket or bag. You can strap it to your wrist, or attach it to a belt buckle and can also be used for other things including SMS messages and compatible Android Market apps. LiveView is ideal for people such as cyclists that might not be able to get their smartphone out very easily while cycling. LiveView is compatible with most newer Sony Ericsson phones.


    BRAVIA is a technology used in Sony´s top of the range LCD TVs to provide superior picture quality and had been marketed as a sub-brand in Japan. Now Sony Ericsson is starting to incorporate the technology into its newer smartphones starting with the Xperia Arc in 2011. BRAVIA can improve the quality of images and videos ´on the fly´ with noise cancellation, sharpening and colour management tweaks. This removes inconsistencies that are usually acquired with digital cameras, such as stray pixels and distorted colours helping to produce a superior image quality.

  • GreenHeart

    Sony Ericsson produces a range of GreenHeart phones that are aimed at the more environmentally friendly phone user. These use less harmful chemicals in their production, do not typically come with paper instructions and also feature less packaging. They also include many phone features to help users be more eco-friendly such as a service that can tell you how much carbon you are not emitting when you walk instead of driving.

    Many people are now a lot more concerned about our disposable consumer culture and with the majority of people buying a new phone each year or two there can be a lot of unnecessary plastic and cardboard waste. By reducing packaging to a bare minimum and containing all phone instructions and manuals on the handset themselves, Sony Ericsson GreenHeart phones are taking the big steps needed to preserve our ecosystem for future generations to enjoy as well.

  • PlayStation

    Sony is big in the gaming world, with the PlayStation being one of the most popular gaming consoles alongside Microsoft´s Xbox. Just as Xbox LIVE is only available on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 handsets, PlayStation gaming is only on offer through Sony Ericsson. As of 2011 Sony Ericsson has released its first PlayStation phone in the form of the Xperia Play, complete with PlayStation control pad, with plans to release more phones into the series at a later date.

    The unique thing about the Xperia Play and future PlayStation phones is that they have control pads for use with games. This provides PlayStation phones with a level of gaming functionality that is not possible with standard physical or touchscreen controls. For phone owners who like a good amount of fun and entertainment on their phone Sony Ericsson PlayStation phones are on a whole new level.

  • Timescape

    Sony Ericsson offers its own social media plugin for its Android phones in the form of Timescape. Timescape is an Android widget that can pool information from social networks including Facebook and Twitter, as well as emails and SMS messages and have them all displayed conveniently on your phone´s homescreen. Similar functionality is provided through HTC Friend Stream, Motorola MotoBlur and Samsung Social Hub on competing Android devices.