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Best Talkmobile Deals

Cheapest Talkmobile Tariff
  • 500 mins
  • 5000 txts
  • 500 MB data
  • £10.50 per month*
  • Choose Phone
Why choose Talkmobile?

Launched in 2008, Talkmobile is a virtual mobile network operator and a subsidiary company of the Carphone Warehouse. Talkmobile uses the Vodafone network to deliver services.

Reasons to choose Talkmobile:

  • All 24 month contracts include of mobile data.
  • PAYG tariffs offer Rewards for toping up that can be changed each month.
  • Uses Vodafone network for excellent coverage.

Talkmobile Information

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  • Tariff Information

    Pay Monthly

    Talkmobile offer Pay Monthly contracts that include a phone with either 12 or 24 month durations, or Pay Monthly contracts that do not include a phone (SIM Only) with either 30 day or 6 month durations. Because SIM Only deals do not include a contribution towards the cost of a handset, their monthly charges tend to be lower than equivalent contracts that include a phone.

    Phone Included

    Talkmobile offer contracts including phones with either 12 or 24 month durations. In exchange for the added flexibility of a shorter term contract, 12 month contracts tend to be more expensive than equivalent 24 month offers.

    All Pay Monthly Talkmobile contracts including a phone also include a monthly allowance of minutes and texts and the majority also include a mobile data allowance. Depending on the phone and contract selected, a contribution towards the cost of the handset may be payable at the start of the contract.

    SIM Only

    Talkmobile offer SIM Only contracts with either 1 month or 6 month durations. 6 month SIM only contracts generally include more minutes or texts than equivalently priced 1 month deals, though they offer less flexibility.

    Talkmobile´s standard SIM only contracts are called ‘SIMple’ contracts and offer a mixture of free minutes, texts and data. In addition to the standard ‘SIMple’ contracts, Talkmobile offer ‘SIMpleworld’ and ‘SIMpleunlimited’. SIMpleworld contracts are 1 month rolling contracts that include international calling minutes and texts to selected countries, and SIMpleunlimited is a unique SIM Only deal that offers unlimited UK minutes and unlimited UK texts on a rolling one month contract.

    Pay As You Go (PAYG)

    Two PAYG SIMs are available from Talkmobile, their Pay As You Go Rewards SIM and their Pay As You Go Essentials SIM.

    PAYG Rewards offers customers extra benefits (or ‘rewards’) whenever they top up over a given amount. The required top ups and type of rewards depends on the customer’s choice from four available options: Textmania rewards, Globetalker rewards, Chatterbox rewards or Familyfusion rewards.

    Textmania and Chatterbox rewards offer customers free texts or free minutes with their top ups, respectively. Globetalker rewards offer customers free international minutes with their top ups, and Familyfusion rewards offer customers free minutes and unlimited texts to other Talkmobile numbers with their top ups. Customers can change their selected reward whenever they like, though they can’t have two different rewards active at the same time.

    PAYG Essentials is a deal that simply offers Talkmobile’s lowest call and text message charges on Pay As You Go. Customers on this tariff also receive half price calls and texts to other Talkmobile numbers.

  • Transfer Procedure

    If you wish to transfer your number from a different network onto a new contract with Talkmobile, you need to obtain a PAC, or Porting Authorisation Code, from your current network. If you’re moving to a Pay Monthly contract with Talkmobile, you must obtain a PAC and pass it on to Talkmobile when you sign up to your new plan. You cannot port your number to Talkmobile Pay Monthly after the sale has been completed. If you’re moving to a Pay As You Go plan with Talkmobile, you can obtain a PAC and port your number at a later date.

    To obtain a PAC, you should only have to contact your current network and request one. To comply with Ofcom regulations, your network should provide you with a PAC either immediately over the phone or within 2 hours via text message. A PAC it is valid for 30 days after its date of issue.

    Once you’ve received your PAC and passed it on to Talkmobile, they will automatically proceed with the transfer of your number and inform you of your transfer date.

    See network contact details.

  • Free Benefits
    Benefit Cost Description Type
    Life Saver
    Free Talkmobile offer PAYG customers £1 of extra credit to use when their credit runs out. The extra credit is repaid from the next top up made. PAYG
  • Data Allowance

    The majority of 12 or 24 month contracts with phones and SIM only contracts from Talkmobile include a monthly data allowance. Once this data allowance is exceeded, mobile data is charged per MB on these contracts. Contracts not including a monthly mobile data allowance and PAYG contracts charge a daily fee for an allowance of mobile data. Once that allowance is used, data is charged per MB.

    Consult our handy chart to get an idea how far you can expect your data to stretch:

      100 MB 500MB 1GB
    downloading or streaming music 20 songs 100 songs 200 songs
    downloading or streaming video 20 minutes 1 hours 2 hours
    basic webpages ( text or mobile versions) 1,000 5,000 10,000
    rich webpages (containing, rich images & flash) 300 1,500 3,000
    text emails 100,000 500,000 1,000,000
    emails with images or attachments 200 1,000 2,000

    Table represents approximate values.

Talkmobile Coverage
Talk Mobile Coverage

Can I use Talkmobile services in my area? Talkmobile uses the Vodafone network, so you can use Talkmobile wherever there´s a Vodafone signal. Use this handy coverage map to check your area.

Network Comparison

Take a look at our network comparison table to see how the key features of Talkmobile compare to other major networks.