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Best Tesco Mobile Deals

Cheapest Tesco Mobile Tariff
  • 500 mins
  • 5000 txts
  • 500 MB data
  • £7.50 per month*
  • Choose Phone
Why choose Tesco Mobile?

Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator formed in 2003. Tesco Mobile offers its own range of deals and contracts and uses O2’s network.

Reasons to choose Tesco Mobile:

  • Wide range of shorter term contracts add flexibility.
  • Earn Clubcard points from purchases, monthly bills and top ups.
  • Uses O2 network for excellent coverage.

Tesco Mobile Information

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  • Tariff Information

    Pay Monthly

    Tesco Mobile offer two types of Pay Monthly mobile phone deals. Standard Pay Monthly deals come with a phone and include contributions towards the price of the new handset in the monthly charges, while SIM Only contracts do not include a new phone.

    Phone Included

    Tesco Mobile offer Pay Monthly contracts with phones included with either 12 or 24 month durations. 12 month contracts tend to be more expensive than equivalent 24 month contracts, but offer greater flexibility due to their shorter length. Depending upon the phone and contract selected, customers may be required to pay an upfront fee towards the cost of the new phone, though many contracts include a free handset.

    All contracts with a phone from Tesco Mobile include a monthly allowance of minutes and texts. The choice of handsets available on 12 month contracts is more limited than that of 24 month contracts, and customers are generally required to make a larger contribution towards the phone cost at the beginning of the contract.

    Many Tesco Mobile contracts include a monthly data allowance as standard, but monthly data can be added or expanded by selecting an extra ‘Bundle’ for an additional monthly cost.

    SIM Only

    Tesco Mobile offer SIM Only deals with either 1 month or 12 month durations. These contracts offer additional flexibility and savings for customers who are happy with their current phone.

    All SIM Only deals from Tesco Mobile include monthly allowances of minutes and texts, with 1 month contracts typically having smaller allowances than equivalently priced 12 month contracts. Some SIM Only contracts also come with a monthly allowance of mobile data. ‘Data Bundles’ can be purchased for all SIM Only contracts to add mobile data for an additional monthly charge.

    Pay As You Go (PAYG)

    Tesco Mobile offers a single basic tariff for Pay As You Go customers. Rather than a wide range of differently tailored PAYG tariffs as offered by some networks, Tesco offers a single tariff designed to suit all customers. This tariff offers triple credit for certain top-ups as well as free bundles of texts, minutes or mobile data.

    Tesco PAYG contracts can be customised by adding Bundles which add pre-paid minutes, texts or internet services to an account for an additional fee.

  • Transfer Procedure

    If you’re moving from another network onto Tesco Mobile it is possible to keep your current number after you switch. The usual procedure for this is to purchase your new Pay Monthly or PAYG SIM and handset as usual, and then contact your current network provider to obtain a ‘PAC’. A ‘PAC’ is a ‘Porting Authorisation Code’ that allows Tesco Mobile to move your number over to their network. UK network providers are required by Ofcom to provide you with a PAC when you request one either immediately over the phone or within two hours via text message.

    Once you’ve received your PAC, contact Tesco Mobile and inform them that you wish to move your old number onto their network. You’ll need to provide your name and address, your old number, your new temporary number, and your PAC, among other details, after which your number can usually be transferred within a few working days. Note that PACs are valid for only 30 days after they’re issued, so you’ll need to contact Tesco Mobile to transfer your number within this time or request a new PAC.

    See Tesco Mobile contact details

  • Free Benefits
    Benefit Cost Description Type

    Triple Credit
    Triple Credit

    Free Tesco Mobile triple top ups of £10, £15 and £20 for PAYG customers. PAYG
    Clubcard points
    Clubcard Points
    Free Both PAYG and Pay Monthly customers can register their Tesco Clubcards and earn points from every £1 they top up or spend on their monthly bill. PAYG
  • Paid Benefits
    Tesco Mobile have a range of bundles available to their Pay As You Go customers that add allowances for a monthly fee. Options include bundles of minutes, texts and data. These bundles typically last for a month and the price for each is taken from the customer´s credit.
  • Data Allowance

    Some Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly contracts include a monthly mobile internet allowance as standard. Customers without a data allowance included in their tariff as standard can add a data bundle.

    Pay As You Go customers can browse the internet on a ‘pay as you browse’ basis, charged per MB of data with a capped daily charge. Alternatively, customers can buy a monthly data bundle.

    If you´re not sure how much data you might need, take a look at the table below to get a rough idea how far it will stretch:

      100 MB 500MB 1GB
    downloading or streaming music 20 songs 100 songs 200 songs
    downloading or streaming video 20 minutes 1 hours 2 hours
    basic webpages ( text or mobile versions) 1,000 5,000 10,000
    rich webpages (containing, rich images & flash) 300 1,500 3,000
    text emails 100,000 500,000 1,000,000
    emails with images or attachments 200 1,000 2,000

    Table represents approximate values.

Tesco Coverage
O2 Coverage

Can I use Tesco Mobile in my area? Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network, so you can receive Tesco Mobile services wherever you can get an O2 signal. Check service in your local area with this handy coverage map.

Network Comparison

With our network comparison table you can see how the key features of Tesco Mobile measure up against those of other major UK networks.