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Why choose an LG phone?

LG Electronics is a South Korean based electronics company and subsidiary of the LG Group conglomeration. LG Electronics is currently the world’s third largest manufacturer of mobile phones, behind Nokia in first place and Samsung in second.

Reasons to choose LG:

  • Manufacturers of cutting edge smartphones
  • Windows Phone 7 and Google Android ranges available
  • Range of budget friendly and affordable phones

LG Information

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    LG Electronics began producing mobile phones in the mid-1990s and so has a long history of expertise in the field. Although competing companies had established market shares, LG’s combination of quality and affordability proved popular from the outset and the company rapidly became a major competitor in the mobile industry. By 2005 LG were the world’s fourth largest supplier of mobile phones, and by 2009 they were the third.

    In recent years, LG has embraced modern smartphone technologies and currently produces handsets employing both the Windows Phone 7 and Google Android operating systems. With a number of world-firsts to its name, LG is widely recognised as a manufacturer of cutting-edge smartphones.

  • Google Android

    LG Electronics was part of the Open Handset Alliance that originally unveiled Google’s Android operating system in 2007. Although some reports have suggested that LG was offered the contract to manufacturer the very first Google Android smartphone, that contract was eventually given to HTC who released the HTC Dream in October 2008. LG did not bring an Android phone of its own to the market until early 2010.

    LG’s first large scale success with the Android Operating system came with the LG Optimus One, released in late 2010. The Optimus One was a family of entry-level smartphones that struck a balance between affordability and quality features. Numerous different versions of the LG Optimus One were produced across various regions and networks, and the phone has now sold over 2 million units worldwide.

  • World Firsts

    After their success in the budget Android market LG had success in the high-end market in 2011, most notably with two smartphones with world-first features. In February 2011, LG officially launched the LG Optimus 2X, which has been recognised by the Guiness Book of Records as the World’s first dual-core smartphone. Critics and customers alike were impressed with the performance offered by the Optimus 2X’s dual-core processor and this feature has since become widespread among high-end Android phones.

    In July 2007, LG followed up the Optimus 2X with another world-first: the world’s first phone with a glasses-free 3D screen. Named the LG Optimus 3D, this smartphone offered all the features of a high-end Android smartphone, including a dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM, along with a number of unique 3D features. Employing cutting edge technology, the Optimus 3D’s high-resolution screen allows users to view 3D images, videos and other content without the need to wear special glasses. The Optimus 3D also features dual rear-facing cameras which can record 3D images and video.

  • Windows Phone 7

    In late 2010, Microsoft launched its latest operating system for smartphones: Windows Phone 7. This operating system was designed to succeed and replace Microsoft’s older Windows Mobile series of mobile operating systems, with a radically redesigned user interface and numerous features intended to appeal to consumers.

    LG Electronics was one of four companies named as ‘launch partners’ for Windows Phone 7 and released the LG Optimus 7 smartphone running the OS in November 2010. While all Windows Phone 7 handsets were required by Microsoft to meet strict hardware criteria to ensure smooth performance, LG’s offering was praised for its build quality and materials, as well as its relative affordability, and the Optimus 7 became a popular choice.

  • Prada

    LG has a long standing business relationship with Italian fashion label Prada, which has led to the creation of several Prada branded designer mobile phones. The first LG Prada phone was touchscreen handset released in 2007. The phone received numerous awards for its innovative and attractive design and sold over one million units. A follow up to the handset known as the LG Prada II was released in 2008. The main features of the new model were an improved interface and camera as well as the addition of a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

    A new addition to LG’s range of designer smartphones is due to arrive in 2012 with the release of the LG Prada 3.0. The latest Prada phone will be a full-featured Android smartphone combining cutting-edge technical specifications with a sleek design and specially created custom user interface.