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iPhone 5 To Have 4.6 Inch Retina Display

March 22nd, 2012 by Caroline

The next-generation Apple iPhone will boast a bigger, sharper display than the current model, according to the latest rumour.

The iPhone 5 is said to have a 4.6-inch screen – which is significantly larger than the current 4S model’s 3.5-inch display.

Word has come from a South Korean paper, Maeil Business Newspaper, via an anonymous tipster, that Apple has already placed orders for the larger 4.6-inch displays for its upcoming iPhone 5, Reuters reports.

This is not the first time we’ve heard speculation about the new iPhone coming with a bigger screen. Previous rumours have also mentioned a glass-to-glass display and an improved Retina display that has a better resolution than HD TVs.

LG Display and Samsung Electronics Co are Apple’s main suppliers of displays but both companies have declined to comment on this latest report.

It sounds like, if true, the new iPhone will arrive with a similar display to the Samsung Galaxy S II when it comes to size as this phone’s screen also measures 4.6-inches.

Up until now, the iPhones have stuck at the 3.5-inch size, despite rival smartphones getting bigger and bigger with many crossing into tablet territory with 5-inch+ screens.

As ever with these rumours, it’s impossible to know what to believe, although we suspect the iPhone 5 will sport a bigger display – but whether it hits the 4.6-inch scales, remains to be seen.

We are also none the wiser when it comes to the name of the next-generation Apple handset. Following the introduction of the new iPad, which goes by the name of, er, new iPad, it looks possible that Apple will ditch the numbers and simply call the iPhone 5 the new iPhone.

What are your views on all this? Do you think Apple will decide to dramatically increase the display on its iPhone? And will the next iPhone be called the 5 or new model?


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