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Blackberry Torch 9810 Contracts

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Preview Summary:Blackberry Torch 9810 4

Not many phones employ a full keypad and touchscreen, but the Torch 9810 is one of them. Affording you the convenience of a full QWERTY keyboard, the Torch is still compact because of its slider design. Blackberry OS 7 brings some great features to the handset, such as improved graphics and browsing.

The addition of Liquid Graphics means simply navigating the phone is a pleasure, and OpenGL allows you to enjoy 3D entertainment. With the Torch’s advanced multitouch technology and 8GB of storage, life’s just that little bit easier.

The Torch 9810 is the sequel to the highly popular Torch 9800 slider phone and brings all the benefits of the updated BlackBerry OS 7. The original Torch was one of the most popular BlackBerry phones of recent years thanks to its unique combination of a sliding QWERTY design and a touch sensitive screen. The Torch 9810 pretty much picks up where the original left off, adding in some hardware updates along with the new software interface.

The Torch 9810 is almost identical to the original Torch, and all the major updates are hidden from view. When viewing the two phones side by side you may not be able to spot much of a difference, but once you start operating the phones you will quickly see what has changed. This is the first Torch phone to use BlackBerry OS7, which is a major reworking of the software side of things and brings many enhancements and tweaks to the table.

While the new Torch comes with the same sized screen as the original it now features a higher VGA resolution, offering a higher pixel density and sharper picture quality. This is put to good effect thanks to the new Liquid Graphics and OpenGL support used by OS7. The phone is also powered by a 1.2GHz processor which is twice the speed of the one found in the original Torch and has an upgrade in memory to 768MB.

The screen supports multitouch input gestures like pinch to zoom and thanks to the new interface the phone is even more intuitive and easy to use. Like all good BlackBerry phones the Torch 9810 comes with an optical trackpad allowing you to navigate around the phone´s interface, as well as a QWERTY keypad for typing. The keypad is neatly concealed behind a sliding mechanism allowing the phone a nice pocket friendly size in its closed state.

Some of the major benefits of the new operating system are to do with web browsing. The Torch´s web browser now features improved JavaScript compiling for faster web page rendering and now also supports HTML5 video, which can be used on various online services including YouTube. Other great benefits of OS7 include Near Field Communications support and many new additional APIs for developers to create superior apps.

The Torch 9810 comes with access to BlackBerry App World where you can download a whole host of games and apps to customise the phone. Also included is BlackBerry Messenger allowing you to send and receive free messages as well multimedia content to other BBM users. The improved graphics and interface now also provide a superior experience when enjoying entertainment features such as video and music.

For internal storage the Torch 9810 has double the space of the original with 8GB to hand, with a further 32GB available through microSD. This provides a great deal of storage space for music, video and other content to enjoy straight from the phone. The phone also includes great support for social networks like Facebook, with the option to send a single post to a selection of different social networks at the same time.

The Torch 9810 includes a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash like the original, but has had a major revamp in the video recording department. The new Torch now supports 720p video recording so you can record even better videos than ever before. Photos and videos are easily shared online through various services including social networks.

It is easy to look at the Torch 9810 and feel that it is not a whole lot different to the original. Physically they are almost identical, but the Torch 9810 has had some major improvements made inside. An increase in processing power and a sharpened interface can make a whole world of difference, and the new OS7 interface dramatically improves web browsing and entertainment features. It perhaps does not offer enough to prompt an upgrade if you have recently purchased the original Torch, but if you own the original and it is starting to show its age then it may well be worth a shot.