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Preview Summary:Huawei Blaze 3.5

When it comes to balancing affordability with performance, the Blaze outdoes most of its rivals. The 3.2 inch screen is smaller than most, but ample for web browsing and streaming media. And although the 3.2 megapixel camera isn’t the best on the market, it’s suited to everyday use.

You can expand the 512MB of internal storage, so mobile entertainment is never an issue, and Android Market support means you can browse through endless apps and games. Complete with support for Wi-Fi and 3G, the Blaze offers great value for money.

Huawei is a Chinese phone manufacturer that has traditionally produced phones for other brands. Much like ZTE, who produce handsets for Orange, Huawei are starting to push mobile phones under their own branding in an attempt to become one of the new rising Asian phone giants. The Blaze is one of the first handsets that Huawei is pushing under the Huawei name and if it is anything to go by the company may be in the same league as Samsung before too long.

Inevitably, Huawei is joining the ranks of the many phone producers opting for Google Android, with Android Gingerbread to feature on the Blaze. Expected to go on sale for around £100 this will be not just one of the cheapest Android phones but also one of the cheapest Gingerbread phones on offer, offering the best in terms of price and up to date features.

As a cheaper device the Blaze is quite small in stature, with a petite 3.2" screen in use. The Blaze uses three capacitive buttons below the screen for the back, menu and search options on Android, while the home button is provided by a separate physical button on its own. The Blaze has 512MB storage expandable with microSD, so there is plenty of room on offer for entertainment.

Web browsing is included as well Android Market support, and the Blaze should include Wi-Fi and 3G for hooking up to the net. Camera wise the Blaze is not fantastic with just a 3.2 megapixel snapper, although this is fine for everyday usage, but the Blaze is notable for being one of the cheapest Android phones with a front facing camera.