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Preview Summary:Nokia C5-03 3

For a touchscreen handset that has entertainment in mind, you can't go wrong with the Nokia C5-03. More affordable than its other Symbian siblings, the C5-03 still boasts a 3.2 inch screen with sharp resolution.

This makes using the interface a breeze, and allows you to enjoy browsing through YouTube, Flickr and Amazon with ease. The phone's resistive technology isn't quite up to scratch with that of capacitive screens, but instant messaging and the VGA video recorder atone for this shortcoming.

The C5-03 is an affordable touchscreen handset from Nokia which runs on Symbian and boasts and excellent choice of messaging and entertainment features. The 3.2" screen comes with a very sharp resolution and high colour depth which shows of the phone´s interface beautifully and is only let down slightly by the choice of resistive technology, which at times can be not quite as responsive as the more modern capacitive touch sensitivity.

Like most touchscreen phones of the modern era the C5-03 comes with social networking support, with information from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Friendster being readily available directly from the phone. The C5-03 also boasts a number of other apps and widgets for services such as Amazon, YouTube and Flickr. These can be put to good use with some of the phone´s other features such as the very nice 5 megapixel camera.

Photos can be uploaded directly to Flickr to share with friends and videos captured with the camera´s VGA video recorder can also be shared in a like manner, or sent via MMS messages to your contacts. With support for Flash videos you can stream videos directly from the internet when you are not enjoying them directly from the phone´s media player. This also boasts excellent music support and can playback DRM music. Other entertainment features include an FM radio and Shazam, a service through which you can identify a piece of music by recording a short clip of it.

Internal memory for storing multimedia or any other content is set at a very low 40MB but can be greatly enhanced through microSD cards (with support for 16GB microSD cards). Files can easily be transferred to and from the phone via Bluetooth or microUSB and the Nokia C5-03 also benefits from high speed 3G and Wi-Fi connections for all its web features.

The screen on the C5-03 is ideally sized for browsing the web and the browser comes with support for Java and FlashLite so that you can enjoy as much of the internet as is possible. The Nokia C5-03 also comes with excellent instant messaging support, including Ovi Chat, as well as email support with Mail for Exchange being available.

The C5-03 has some excellent messaging and entertainment features on board, as well as more serious professional features such as a high degree of email compatibility and MS Office document editors. There is an excellent camera and a very high quality screen and many other features that ensure you are getting an exceptional level of quality for the affordable price tag attached to the Nokia C5-03.