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Nokia X1-00 Contracts

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Unfortunately this phone is not currently available on contract.

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Why compare with us?

The Nokia X1-00 is a basic handset from the world´s leading phone manufacturer that comes with some good music features to keep you entertained. At a very affordable price the X1-00 is an excellent choice of phone for music lovers on a budget. While being one of the cheapest phones Nokia has yet produced the X1-00 comes with a large speaker on its rear that will provide an unparalleled level of annoyance on your local bus route.

This speaker has been modified by Nokia so that it does not produce a distorted sound as many phone speakers are prone to do, ensuring that music played through it can be enjoyed with utmost quality. Alternatively you can use headphones to listen to your music as the X1-00 comes with a 3.5mm audio jack. A MicroSD card slot can provide you with around 16GB of space to store your music which should allow you a decently sized music collection to choose from when out and about.

The phone also comes with dedicated music keys on its exterior providing you with quick access to the media player´s core functionality. The X1-00 also comes with an FM radio so that you can put that big speaker to good use with the latest tunes being pumped through the air waves.

Aside from the great music features to enjoy on the X1-00 the phone comes with fairly limited features. There is no camera here and connectivity is restricted to 2G GSM connections so there is absolutely no web connection. Messaging is also limited to SMS messages only. However, the X1-00 does come with an additional flashlight to help you find things in the dark.

These missing features are to be expected on a phone of this price range, although for such an affordable handset the X1-00 comes with a great range of music features singling it out amongst low-end devices as offering something unique beyond the bare bones. Because of this the X1-00 is an excellent phone for music lovers on a budget.