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Samsung GT S1100 watch phone Contracts

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Unfortunately this phone is not currently available on contract.

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Why compare with us?

The Samsung GT S1100 watch phone is one of the newest watch phones to be launched in the market today. This phone marks the first attempt by a company, other than LG, to design a watch phone. Though this type of phone is not very popular in terms of ease of use, it does have the novelty factor to make up for it. This phone looks very similar to the LG G910 with even the specifications being quite similar. As this phone is still in the concept stage, full details about the specifications are not available at the moment.


  • Size: Details not available
  • Weight: Details not available but will definitely be very light so that it can be worn on the wrist without feeling too heavy.
  • Screen: Small full touch screen
  • Memory: Details not available
  • Battery: Details not available
  • Camera: will probably not have a camera
  • Connectivity: Standard connectivity options, thought this phone will probably come with a Bluetooth
  • Music: No advanced media player.

The screen of the GT S1100 watch phone is pretty small about the size of an average watch. This can be quite a disadvantage as it is difficult to be able to navigate around menus easily. The touch screen is likely to be difficult to use and will take ages to get used to. Typing messages is a problem, as expected with a watch phone. This will not have the ease of use as phones such as the Nokia 5610, where the keypad was very finger friendly and easy to use. The screen is also far too small to be able to view WebPages or media on. The screen of the phone is likely to be able to display up to 60000 colors, nowhere near phones like the Nokia 5310 which could allow up to 16 million colors on its display. This phone is likely to be the best watch phone in the market as it will have a speakerphone and a Bluetooth as well. Call quality is also likely to have improved. The memory has to be decent to hold at least 2000 phonebook entries. The memory of the phone cannot be expanded as there is no room on such a small phone to hold a memory slot. The GT S1100 watch phone is definitely pocketfriendly. The build quality is also pretty decent and should last for a few years with no problems.

Overall, the GT S1100 watch phone is an interesting phone for anyone who is looking for some sort of phone that is out of the ordinary. Even though this phone does not have any of the top class features to boast, it makes up for it by being something that is not seen that often in the market. The only disadvantage that this device is likely to have is the price. The phone will probably feature in the mid price range of the market. Samsung could probably do better if they reduce the features a bit and make it more of a budget phone.