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Why choose an Acer phone?

Acer is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer that has been involved in the production of personal computers since the 1970s. It is currently the second largest producer of PCs in the world but is also increasingly becoming a major smartphone manufacturer, focusing primarily on Android handsets.

Reasons to choose Acer:

  • Quality smartphones made by computing experts
  • Range of phones with the popular Google Android OS

Acer Information

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  • Benefits

    As a major producer of electronics and supplier to many other companies Acer has expertise in a lot of areas to help them produce high quality smartphones. Acer is a big producer of liquid-crystal displays (LCD) and many other components that are used in modern smartphones.

    Although Acer´s range of smartphones is currently smaller than many other competing manufacturers they are rapidly expanding their product range in this area, and are benefitting from the excellent reputation they have achieved through their PC and laptop range.

    At present Acer focus on producing Android powered touchscreen smartphones. They were the first smartphone manufacturer to introduce the Snapdragon processor in 2010, which resulted in a whole new era of mobile phone applications becoming possible. As well as having a high end Liquid range of Android phones Acer also produces some more affordable smartphones with its beTouch range.