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Best 3 Mobile SIM Only Deals

Cheapest 3 Mobile Sim Only Deal
Why choose 3 Sim Only?

3 Mobile´s SIM Only deals offer greater flexibility with their short contract lengths. Because the monthly fees don´t include contributions towards the cost of a new phone, they also offer excellent value for money.

Reasons to Choose 3 Mobile SIM Only:

  • Unlimited data available with the One Plan
  • Flexible 1 and 12 month duration contracts
  • Customise contracts with a wide range of Add-ons

3 Mobile Sim Only Information

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  • Tariff Information

    SIM Only contracts are mobile phone deals that include only a SIM card along with the selected tariff, and do not include a new phone. Because contributions towards the cost of a new handset are not factored into the monthly charges of a SIM Only contract, these deals are generally cheaper than equivalent standard Pay Monthly contracts and can be offered with shorter contract durations. This makes SIM Only contracts an ideal choice for customers who already have a mobile phone that they are happy with and don’t want to replace.

    As with standard Pay Monthly contracts, 3 Mobile’s principal SIM Only deal is their ‘One Plan’. This deal aims to be more than adequate for the majority of users for a single monthly fee, with generous allowances of inclusive minutes and texts as well as ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ mobile data.

    Three also offer Essential Internet and Unlimited Internet SIM Only contracts with either 12 or 1 month durations. Both Essential Internet and Unlimited Internet plans are priced according to their inclusive minutes, but Essential Internet plans have a monthly data allowance while Unlimited internet plans have ´All-You-Can-Eat´ data.

  • Transfer Procedure
    • Purchase your new SIM Only SIM card from 3 Mobile as normal.
    • Contact your current network operator and request a ‘PAC’, or ‘Port Authorisation Code’.
    • Submit your PAC and details to 3 Mobile either by phone or through their website.
    • Your number should be transferred within a few working days

    See network contact details.

  • Data Allowance

    All SIM Only tariffs from 3 Mobile include a data allowance as standard. The SIM Only ‘One Plan’ and ´Unlimited Internet´ deals include unlimited ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ data, while ´Essential Internet´ plans include a monthly data allowance. Internet access outside of monthly data allowances is usually charged at 10p per MB for SIM Only customers.