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Best O2 SIM Only Deals

Cheapest O2 Sim Only Deal
Why choose O2 Sim Only?

SIM Only contracts from O2 are contracts that don´t come with a phone included in the price. They´re ideal if you already have an O2 compatible phone that you´re happy with, because you can get cheap monthly rates and short contract lengths.

Reasons to Choose O2 Sim Only:

  • Unlimited texts with all SIM Only contracts.
  • 1 month or 12 month contracts available.
  • Flexible system of Bolt Ons to customise contracts.

O2 Sim Only Information

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  • Tariff Information

    O2 offer a range of SIM only deals, which are referred to as ‘O2 Simplicity’ contracts. These contracts are ideal for those who already have a phone they’re happy with, as they offer the same benefits as a standard monthly contract but at a cheaper price since the cost of a handset is not factored into monthly charges.O2 Simplicity contracts also offer flexibility, as they are available as either 12 month fixed duration contracts or monthly rolling contracts.

    A great feature of SIM only contracts from O2 is that every Pay Monthly Simplicity contract includes unlimited any network text messages. Beyond this, all SIM Only contracts also include a monthly allowance of inclusive minutes and customers can add either a low, medium or high data allowance. 12 month contracts generally have cheaper monthly costs than 1 month equivalents, as an incentive for the longer commitment.

    O2 offer a range of Bolt Ons to customise tariffs and add additional monthly services.

  • Transfer Procedure
    • Select and purchase your new SIM Only plan.
    • You will be issued with a new number by O2.
    • Contact your previous network provider and request a Porting Authorisation Code (or ‘PAC’).
    • Contact O2 and provide them with your details and PAC.
    • Transfer should take a few working days

    See network contact details.

  • Data Allowance

    O2 SIM only customers have two main options for accessing the internet through O2’s mobile network:

    • Add a monthly mobile data allowance. SIM only customers can choose a ´Low´, ´Medium´, or ´High´ data allowance. The Low option adds 100 MB of data, the Medium option adds 250 MB to 750 MB and the High option adds either 1 GB or 2 GB of monthly data. The size of Medium and High data allowances is dependent on the contract chosen.
    • Customers who do not have a data Bolt On can access the internet with O2’s Web Daily service.