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Best Virgin Mobile SIM Only Deals

Cheapest Virgin Media Sim Only Deal
Why choose Virgin Mobile Sim Only?

SIM Only contracts from Virgin don´t come with a new phone so they are consistently cheaper than equivalent contracts that include a new phone. SIM Only contracts also offer greater flexibility with shorter contract lengths.

Reasons to Choose Virgin SIM Only:

  • Flexible 30 day contracts.
  • Special deals for Virgin Media customers.

Virgin Media Sim Only Information

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  • Tariff Information
    SIM Only deals represent excellent value to customers who already have a phone that they’re happy with. Monthly charges are cheaper with SIM Only contracts because the cost of a phone is not included. All of Virgin Mobile’s standard SIM Only deals are available as flexible rolling 30 day contracts.

    Standard SIM Only contracts from Virgin Mobile all include unlimited texts, a monthly data allowance and inclusive any-network minutes. Virgin Mobile also offer special deals to Virgin Media customers, i.e. those who receive either television, landline or broadband services from Virgin Media. These deals include unlimited free minutes to other Virgin Mobile numbers and lower monthly costs.

  • Transfer Procedure
    • Select your new SIM Only contract and Virgin Mobile will issue you with a new number.
    • Contact your last network operator and ask them to provide you with a PAC, or Porting Authorisation Code. They should give you this over the phone or soon after by text message.
    • Contact Virgin Mobile and pass on your PAC and personal details to them.
    • Virgin Media will then transfer your old number onto your new SIM and credit you with 100 free minutes

    See network contact details.

  • Data Allowance
    • Inclusive data allowances range from 250 MB to unlimited data, depending on the contract.
    • Customers without inclusive data allowances can browse the internet on Virgin’s network for a daily fee.