EE Smart Benefits are more than little bits extra. They add value to the EE pay monthly phone packages for which they are eligible, giving you access to benefits like Apple TV+, BT Sport Ultimate and Apple Arcade. 

EE Phone Contracts With Apple Music

Apple Music goes toe to toe with Spotify and Amazon Music as the world’s top music streaming service. With over 60million songs streamed ad-free for a monthly charge and over 70million worldwide subscribers in 2020, this is a nice benefit to add on to your mobile phone contract. You can choose Apple Music as a Smart Benefit whether you pick one of the EE Android unlimited data plans or the iPhone monthly contracts available at EE. If you opt to trade in your device you can also choose additional Smart Benefits on some contracts, and these trade in options tend to be the best EE plans you will find at the UK’s biggest network.

EE Plans With Apple TV+

When Apple TV+ launched in 2019 it did so to a major fanfare, just like every iPhone the American tech giant has ever launched. It goes up against serious established video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, the latter of which even took on the likes of Sky Sports and BT Sport with its acquisition of Premier League broadcasting rights. The EE phone plans with Apple TV+ as Smart Benefits give you access to 4K resolution, HDR and mobile download content that features more than 30 exclusive shows and movies. It will take a lot of content to knock Netflix and Amazon off top spots, but with promises to release new shows and episodes weekly Apple is going to give it its very best swing of the bat.

EE Offers With Apple Arcade

Are you a fan of ad-free games with no in-app purchases? One of the many grumbles regarding Android phone contracts is the open source approach to the Play Store, which sees plenty of games riddled with adverts. Apple Arcade does away with ads and in-app purchases, with all of the games made specifically for Apple devices through partnerships with developers across the world. Apple Arcade is therefore only available with EE iPhone plans because of this exclusivity. The games available on Apple Arcade are made specifically for the iOS operating system used on Mac, iPad and iPhone, so Android lovers will have to carry on paying per app to get rid of the ads in their games.

EE Phone Deals With BT Sport Ultimate

When BT acquired EE in 2015 smartphone users and BT Sport subscribers licked their lips at the crossover opportunities between the two communications giants. One such opportunity is the EE phone packages with BT Sport Smart Benefits, which include access of BT Sport in the cost of your monthly phone subscription. Normally priced around £10 per month, this is a serious sweetener for sports fans. BT Sport Ultimate has exclusive access to UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League games, as well as a portfolio of Premier League matches and other sports such as Tennis grand slams, cricket and UFC.

EE Phone Plans With Video Data Pass

You might not be bothered about sports or Apple TV+. You might be Netflix or Amazon through and through, or a YouTube junkie. Or all three. In that case the best EE packages for you might be those that come with the Video Data Pass as a Smart Benefit. You can watch as many videos as you like without eating into your data. If you are looking to save money on an older handset and get your money’s worth when it comes to data bundles then this Smart Benefit is a great option. EE launched these plans to compete with the likes of the VOXI phone packages that offer endless social media as standard features on their phone deals.

EE Packages With Roam Further

Do you rack up the air miles and want to make the most of your data when you go abroad? Data roaming can be costly so, in a bid to counteract that, the cheap EE plans with Roam Further as a Smart Benefit don’t charge any roaming fees when you use your data in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand. Like most of EE’s Smart Benefits, customers can make use of this package on any handset that features at least one Smart Benefit as standard. If you regularly travel to Africa, Asia, South America or Europe, you’ll likely still have to pay roaming charges.

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