Like plenty of other mobile phone manufacturers, Alcatel is a multi-national force with headquarters in both France and China and roots in Finland. In the UK Alcatel focuses on budget handsets, making Alcatel packages fine choices for those operating on the opposite ends of the spectrum as iPhone and flagship Samsung releases. But with a series of good reviews under its belt, increasing numbers of customers are searching for Alcatel phone deals as the company achieves more for less with each new handset release.

Free Alcatel Phones on Contract

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Thanks to the low production cost of Alcatel handsets compared to some other premium manufacturers, the free Alcatel handset deals that every major and minor mobile network features are great options for phone users to minimise their initial outlay as well as their monthly plan costs. Both Vodafone and iD Mobile promote Alcatel phone contracts with free handsets starting under £20 per month, including offers with plenty of data meaning you don’t have to compromise.

Cheap Alcatel Contracts (Under £10 Per Month)

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There was a time when the only way to land a cheap phone contract under £10 per month was through a sim only deal. Thanks to MVNOs like Giffgaff and Smarty, mobile networks faced greater competition and were forced to offer more competitive deals. These cheap Alcatel packages for under £10 per month are ideal for anyone looking to minimise their monthly mobile spend without compromising on quality of service.

Alcatel 5G Contracts

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While Alcatel operates at the affordable end of the handset spectrum that doesn’t mean that you can’t find Alcatel 5G deals in amongst cheap monthly plans. Major networks such as O2 and Vodafone offer a variety of Alcatel 5G plans that come with decent amounts of data that allow you to make the most of the superfast speeds of the 5G network. Thanks to the affordability of Alcatel handsets these 5G monthly packages come in a range of models, including new releases that offer premium quality at an affordable price as well as older models that offer even more cost-saving on your monthly package price.

Alcatel Unlimited Data Contracts

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The first thing that will strike you about the Alcatel unlimited data deals is no doubt their affordability. With 5G network speeds outdoing those of home broadband, many smartphone users search for Alcatel unlimited data plans as a replacement for home broadband services. These deals start from as little as £20 per month and are available in a variety of Alcatel handsets on 24 month contracts.

Alcatel Networks

The obvious benefit of switching networks when you look to change your mobile contract is the opportunity to upgrade your monthly plan as well as your handset. Every major network and MVNO features Alcatel phone deals that offer a range of data with their contracts, which can be in the shape of 5G Alcatel packages or sim only deals, and everywhere in between. You have options for 12 month or 24 month contracts depending on your favoured plan, which provides flexibility for smartphone users of all persuasions and budgets.

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