There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best smartphone deal. After all, many modern phone contracts run for 24 months. But which plan to choose? Do you go for the latest iPhone, which continues to be one of the favourite handsets in the UK? Or are you an Android fan, looking to switch to a new Samsung deal or Sony plan? Maybe you are happy with your current handset and your deal has expired, so you want to minimise your monthly outgoings by plumping for a cost effective sim only deal? Best Mobile Contracts is designed to give you the best phone contract options in one place, with the ultimate aim of making all of these choices easier.

iPhone Contract Deals

iPhones are so sought after that all of the major networks like EE, Three Mobile and O2 offer iPhone plans as part of their contract deals. The same is true for most of the indie MVNOs, including Giffgaff and Smarty. The Apple phones revolutionised the smartphone world and continue to do so with each new release, through a blend of innovation, design and technical excellence. Since the advent of 5G in the UK and a general switch from home broadband use to far more impressive 5G speeds, the excellent displays of the iPhone lend themselves perfectly to streaming shows and live sports that 5G mobile contracts make the most of.

Android Contract Deals

If you are not Apple, then you are Android. Such is the 50/50 split in smartphone operating systems that if you are not in the iPhone camp then you are browsing for the best Android packages when it is time to switch your handset. There are as many nuances between Android contracts as there are between the handset manufacturers and your chosen network provider. Whether you opt for the latest Huawei, Sony or Xiaomi contracts you have both flexibility and choice, all under the umbrella of Google’s user interface and applications.

Switching Phone Contracts

Mobile phone contracts always run for a set period of time, but this depends on the type of phone offer you took when you switched. If you opted for a Giffgaff sim only deal, you have much more flexibility than you do with a contract that lasts for 24 or even 12 months. If you have switched through an EE free handset 24 month contract then you will be tied in for the remainder of that contract, unless you want to upgrade your contract or handset mid way through by taking up another monthly plan, or if your contract allows for flexibility from month to month. However, there are benefits to taking up long-term phone contracts, not least that such packages tend to save you money on a brand new handset. Instead the handset cost is built into the cost of the contract and reflected in your monthly payments. There are many reasons for switching mobile deals, but ultimately you have enough choice and flexibility on these pages to help you decide which is the right package for you.

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