Doro designs all of its mobile phone handsets aimed at being easy-to-use, so have become a favourite brand for elderly customers, in particular. The question of where to find the best Doro monthly contracts is down to your personal preference on network providers, though you can find as many Doro sim only deals as you can contract offers. Networks like Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile and Vodafone all feature Doro handsets as part of their contract offers and, with a focus on unfussy design and durability, the Doro smartphones offer plenty of appeal across a wide range of smartphone user groups.

Doro proves that the word smartphone doesn’t mean you have to buy the latest all-singing, all-dancing handsets from iPhone or Samsung in order to find the best phone contracts to suit you. With a specific focus on elderly customers, Doro handsets are intuitive and easy to use. Both Doro monthly plans and the handsets themselves are affordable, which are boxes that need to be ticked for all customer groups. You don’t have to compromise on camera quality, with several Doro handsets boasting excellent cameras for capturing those special moments we all like to share with friends and family. 

Affordability is without doubt one of the main features of Doro phone packages, with many handsets available for under £20 per month and starting from under £20 per month. These free handset Doro plans take on the likes of Alcatel and Emporia for price, but neither of those manufacturers feature the same unique features that make Doro handsets particularly suited to elderly customers. These handsets are also tailored for customers who prefer unfussy handset design while still making the most of the Android experience. When hunting for the best cheap phone contracts there is no doubt that Doro packages feature strongly.

Doro handsets don’t often come with unlimited data contracts, though major networks like O2 and Vodafone feature some Doro deals that can see you bag data packages upwards of 1gb per month for under £20. Your data requirements depend on the kind of things for which you need mobile data and, with apps like WhatsApp and Facebook the most common uses, 500mb - 1gb contracts are often plenty for most users. Streaming shows and sports require much more data, so knowing your ballpark data usage is key when finding a new phone contract. Some Doro phone contracts also feature Doro’s unique Response Premium service, which features a direct link at the touch of a button to a relative or care-giver without the need to browse through contact lists.

There is plenty of choice within the Doro product catalogue to ensure that users have a broad range of Doro handsets from which to choose. There are also choices in the kinds of Doro phone contracts on offer, too. If you prefer sim only deals to long term monthly plans you can use top up sim only deals with Doro handsets that offer more flexibility without tying you into lengthy deals. Couple this choice with a variety of Doro handsets and you have the basis for an exceptional option when searching for your next smartphone or mobile contract.

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