Oppo was founded in 2001, right at the start of the cellular boom and as 3G was being rolled out in the UK. The company launched in 2004, promptly becoming hugely popular in its native China and expanding to over 40 countries across the globe. Today you can find cheap Oppo deals with most UK networks that sit alongside unlimited data 5G contracts, with the manufacturer operating right across the budget spectrum. Oppo handsets made a name for themselves with a unique range of features, like pop up cameras and bright colours. The manufacturer operates in a similar market space as OnePlus and Xiaomi, as they give mid-range smartphone users genuine food for thought while also taking on the iPhone and Samsung top drawer handsets. 

Oppo 5G Data Packages 

There will likely be a need for 4G handsets right up until the switch to 5G is complete (circa 2030), but with the higher speeds on offer many users will be keen to switch to 5G as soon as it becomes available in your area. You can find Oppo 5G packages with all of the major networks, including EE and Vodafone. These include plans that range from 6GB data per month to 100GB, whetting the whistle of 5G data fans across the country eager to make use of those spectacular download speeds. The Oppo Find series was the first Oppo handset range to make it into the 5G ready space, with the Lite versions offering slightly paired down specs for lower monthly premiums.

Cheap Oppo Pay Monthly Deals

Oppo isn’t all about all-singing, all-dancing 5G phones. While the 48mp camera on the Oppo Find X Pro series can rub shoulders with the best of them, that top-range handset isn’t far behind the latest iPhone in terms or price. There are plenty of other spaces in the Oppo range, though. If you are keen to drop down the monthly payment ladder you can find Giffgaff Oppo contracts for less than £10 per month, while MVNOs like Virgin Mobile regularly feature Oppo free gift with handset offers as staples in their contract packages. Virgin Mobile, in particular, likes to focus on a key number of manufacturers, so to find Oppo among its deals is a nod to where the operator feels this manufacturer belongs.

Oppo Pay As You Go Plans

You don’t have to plump for a pay monthly plan with your Oppo phone. The manufacturer’s low-mid range handsets mean that MVNOs, in particular, fall over each other to offer users the best Oppo Pay As You Go deals on the UK market. Even EE, Vodafone and O2 feature Oppo PAYG plans, an indication of the manufacturer’s growing popularity in the UK. The mid range Oppo handsets have excellent displays and have a premium feel to them, so while Oppo might be one of the newer players on the block compared to the likes of Sony and Nokia, the manufacturer has done plenty to win the hearts and minds of smartphone users across the nation.

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